Team Management – How Are You Doing?

Everyday we manage multiple responsibilities, some of us excel at taking care of the details and thrive in such an environment. While others struggle trying to keep track of the details and truthfully dread having to do any kind of follow up.

As an Online Business Manager and Virtual Assistant I often find myself in the position of managing many aspects of my clients business, especially coordinating and following up with other freelancers and outsources that my client has on their virtual team.

That’s the fantastic thing of being an Online Business Manager I can directly support my clients in getting more things done, but taking care of all of the administrative aspects of their business and let my client focus on what they do best and what brings in the revenue for them.

So when I step into the role of managing my clients virtual teams I often try and follow these tips to keep things on track focused on the projects at hand.

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We Believe In The Beauty Of Simplicity

I read these words this morning, and was touched by their beautiful simplicity.  Isn’t it true that when we are good and kind, the world seems a more beautiful place?  Not necessarily happier, or better – just more beautiful for all its flaws.  And isn’t it far sweeter to receive something for which we have worked and sacrificed?

Nate, Laura and I actually went to Church this morning.  We are not frequent Church-goers, though we are trying to be better.  It is the first Sunday of Lent, and the priest’s sermon was about The Temptation of Adam and Eve in the Garden.  I was surprised to hear the elderly man, supported at the pulpit by a walker, speak of the goodness that came of the fall.  Ok, sure.  Adam and Eve brought sin into our world.  But it also allowed Adam and Eve to truly see the goodness all around them for the first time.  He said, “We are only completely free from temptation and sin for about 500 seconds before we die.”

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Global Warming Prevention Tips

Global Warming is a problem that has an effect on absolutely everyone who calls earth home, no matter where they live. Actually, we should all make an effort to do our utmost in order to make sure that we are contributing to the reduction of global warming.

Here you will find some tips that you really should apply if you want to play your part in preventing global warming. Implement the suggestions listed below, and convince your friends, family, and coworkers to follow suit. Pass these guidelines along to everyone you know, and together we can make our contribution to saving the planet and our very own existence.

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Live a Greener Life

Live A Greener Life

– Solar Power Project for $250 – make your own solar panels

Many people would like to know what it takes to use to the energy of the sun to produce electricity. Well, here I will show how to build your own solar panels. Lots of people discover websites that offer this information, understandably, they assume that this is a from scratch-process.

This presentation is actually somewhat deceiving and sounds like “building your own computer”. Manufacturing solar cells is an interesting but complex activity utilizing a form of silicon and can be compared to the process of making an Intel Processor.

This is not something you will DIY in your garage or backyard. But I tell you that making a “solar panel” is more like “building a computer”. Pre-manufactured components like a processor are combined with a custom ready-to-install hard drive and so on.

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