Life isn’t always easy and let’s face it, times are tough in today’s economy, although some seem to be doing so perfectly well. Millions of Americans and Japanese are struggling financially or otherwise. I can only imagine the long list of prayers our God is hearing day in and day out. The tsunami aftermath isn’t over yet, and the nation is tortured by record heat and storms.

Many of our prayers have likely been repeated over and over again from the same people. Maybe you’re one of those people feeling like God isn’t listening. But I guess he is. That he’s listening and He has the perfect plan for all of us. But please, let Him stop the misery for so many people that have been in misery for so long…

Jesus loved his family and often stayed with them. He knew their pain but did not respond immediately. His delay had a specific purpose. God’s timing, especially the delays, may easily make us think that He’s not answering exactly in the way we wish. But He will be meeting all of our needs and wants in accordance with his perfectly scheduled purposes.

Let’s Be Patient and Await His Timing.

I’m the Queen of impatience. I’ve heard it said, “never pray for patience because you never know what kind of trials or tribulations you’ll have to endure for that prayer to be answered, as God teaches you patience through it all.” What matters, in the end, is really that all that matters is love. So please, shed that light over the people of Japan now and forever…

I’m not sure if I believe that statement as truth. I think God wants us to trust Him with everything and pray about anything that may be heavy or burdensome on our hearts. How He chooses to answer our prayers or rather when He answers them is a different story.

This makes me think of the movie Bruce Almighty, starring Jim Carrey and Jennifer Aniston. In the movie, Jim Carrey takes on the role of God and in doing so decides to answer the gazillion prayers he hears from all over the world. Except that he answers them right then and there, exactly the way the people want. It’s as if the world has its own Genie granting their wishes.

As my husband and I have endured a long season of unemployment and have prayed over our financial situation on many occasions, part of me thinks it would be nice to have Bruce Almighty up in Heaven pushing the magical “request granted” button.

On the other hand, I trust God completely. While I may feel like a child not getting my way, I also recognize through adult eyes that my life is a very complex reality mixed with the complexity of my husband and my children and all the people who have or will at some point cross my path as there is a time for every event under heaven.

The waiting is a time for refinement. It’s a time where my faith grows and I become more spiritually mature. During the waiting period, my relationship with God grows stronger as I lean on Him for comfort and peace. Don’t we all believe in the beauty of simplicity?

Through this, God’s glory overflows to hopefully also the people of Japan as they watch the happenings around them with innocent eyes and an eagerness to learn. Hopefully, God’s light will shine on these tortured people and friends as they witness God working to turn our pain into beauty. Through it all, let’s hope that God keeps His promise and will continually take care of us.

And soon…very soon, I hope…in God’s perfect timing and as part of His perfect plan, our story will be one of the blessings in abundance. Actually, in many ways it already is!

I hope this was encouraging for you to read, especially if you happen to be going through a difficult time like so many people still do in Japan. Please know that you aren’t alone.